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Back in May, Tranzon Fox held an auction for 1357 Good Hope Road, a rather decrepit looking building in downtown Anacostia, a few blocks to the northeast of the Big Chair.

According to D.C. property records, the building has not changed hands since 2001, and remains under the ownership of “R QUANDER TRUSTEES & L CLAY TRUSTEES.” So either we’re looking at a property that never sold in auction or a sale unrecorded in the bowels of DC.gov.

Either way, And Now, Anacostia reports that the property is currently under contract, and even more interestingly, “rumor has it that a tech company from Virginia will restore the building as its new headquarters. The company is relocating to Anacostia to be close to the new Department of Homeland Security / Coast Guard HQ at St. Elizabeths just up MLK Ave. This (potential) sale marks one of the first concrete examples of the economic development domino effect of Homeland Security on our neighborhood.”

Image from Tranzon Fox