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The other day, I reported on this blog that Eastern Market’s North Hall is again available to rent for events, just like back in the good ‘ole, pre-fire days. Since the building re-opened in June, that space has housed an exhibit covering Eastern Market’s history, and a tango class meets there every Thursday night! (Or so I’ve been told.)

Now, groups will be able to claim the hall any time—-for various price levels. If you want to throw a Saturday night wedding with 450 attendees, the District will send you a $5,100 bill. If you want to host an open-to-the-public square dance with the same-sized group, you’ll be paying $975.

In other words, there’s a huge price differential for public and private events. So maybe the key here is just playing off your wedding as one large, joyous event—-where anyone’s welcome—-in which one lady just happens to be wearing a particularly striking white dress?

Anyway, here’s the North Hall’s price schedule