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My little blog post including this image of a parking enforcement car sitting directly on top of a bike lane has garnered a number of comments (thanks DCist link!)

So I wanted to find out, what does the driver here owe the city?

This car should have been ticketed $65—-a fee that was determined by the D.C. Council at the suggestion of Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells. Parking enforcement officers as well as traffic control officers (the people in vests waving at you at intersections) should be able to dole out these tickets.

As to my question about other restaurants that set up valet signs blocking bike lanes, one commenter dropped a few names:  “IndeBleu on G St and Asia Nine on E St….The Park at 14th” club is particularly bad – even blocking rush hour lanes as early as 5pm…”

Image originally from MyBikeLane.com