New York-based Architizer has only been around for a month, but it has already reached firms in Paris, Sweden, Madrid, and Hong Kong. Washington D.C.—-not so much. But hey, that’s what blogs and links are for, right?

The website is an online, public network for architects around the world. Users can create their own profiles, download renderings of their work and post their resumes, their contact information, blogs and websites.  Then prospective clients can browse their work, and you know, hopefully pick up the phone.  It’s kind of like bands posting their songs and concert dates on MySpace.

“Other than begging to get into magazines and design blogs, there’s no forum for architects to get the word out about their work,” the website’s founder Marc Kushner told New York magazine this week. “Our site lets them show their projects and visitors can click through—looking for the next sexy thing or thinking, This is cool, I want to hire that architect.”

Plus, it’s fun to just poke around, even if you have no plans to hire an architect possibly ever (me? sad), or at least not any time in the near future (yes, definitely me).