Promotional image for Woolly Mammoth's Liberation Library book club

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Woolly Mammoth’s Liberation Library book club

Every minute, our failing nation-state and shared planet teeter nearer to catastrophe’s edge. Twitter doomscrolling, with its endless buffet of injustice and fear, is enough to make one want to gouge their eyes out. As an alternative to that understandable (if a bit gory and dramatic) expression of despair, might I instead suggest unpacking one of pop culture’s most famous cornea cut-outs? In conjunction with their online Liberation Library, Woolly Mammoth started a book club that focuses, like its fall season, on understanding and practicing anti-racism. This week, Oedipus El Rey by Luis Alfaro is up for discussion. Produced by Woolly in 2011, Alfaro’s play reimagines Sophocles’ tragedy in the context of Chicano gang culture in Southern California, where the characters are wrapped up in an American Dream that prescribes nothing but bootstrapping free will in response to state neglect. Register by Oct. 2 to read Oedipus El Rey in conjunction with social justice texts and join Woolly for the conversation on Sunday. The conversation begins at 2 p.m. on Oct. 4. Registration is available at Pay what you will; Alfaro’s script is available for $10. —Amy Guay