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Bread baskets. Drink stirrers. Dessert mints. Toilet paper. Park benches. Savor these things while they’re still available to you at no additional cost.

Grocery baggies are about to leave that list, as I blogged about earlier today. We’re saving the Anacostia River here people—get with the program! But I was also alerted a few hours back that there are some exemptions to the new rule, which you might like to know. If that’s the case, see below:

The District Department of the Environment has written up a FAQ about the new bag law:

Are any paper or plastic bags exempt from the 5-cent fee?

Yes. The fee is only designed to cover bags you receive at the register to hold all of your purchases, in businesses that sell food. So, bags used to hold the following types of items are not subject to the fee:

  • Bulk items, such as produce, nuts, grains and candy
  • Frozen foods, meat and fish
  • Flowers, potted plants or other items where dampness may be a concern
  • Prepared foods and bakery goods
  • Prescription drugs
  • Newspapers and small hardware items
  • A partially-consumed bottle of wine at a restaurant
  • Paper bags to take food home from a restaurant that has indoor seating
  • Trash, pet and yard waste (when sold in a box of multiple bags)
  • Dry cleaning

And yes, it is a slow news day.