Want to attend a party where a bunch of photographers, cameramen and reporters swarm around four twenty-somethings who up until six months ago were completely anonymous?

You probably can’t get within ten feet of them unless you’re a member of the media or a “friend.” But you can buy them shots. And about an hour after this pretty posse arrives, get this: You can watch them—-two slender brunettes, one muscular black guy, and one petite blond with a gold bow in her hair—-watch themselves debut on the 23rd season of The Real World.

Yup, it’s true: that show is still on television.

Well if that sounds like the party for you, I’m sorry to say you missed it. Some 800 people heard about the event, held at BlackFinn on I St., through Metromix Washington D.C.. For more on the show, the filming, etc., check out our RWDC archive.