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Ah the December 2009 snow storm...so many memories.

While D.C. residents—-and later, people all over the country—-fussed over the meaning of a D.C. police detective pulling a gun during a snowball fight, the city spent $4 million on snow relief.

Does that seem like a lot? Yeah, I didn’t know immediately either. But, it is—-the sum is nearly two thirds of the District’s $6.2 million snow removal budget. Yesterday, the Washington Examiner reported that both D.C. and Virginia are applying for federal aid to cover some of the costs associated with that storm.

A Washington Post article from last week reported that D.C. spends $5,636 per mile per year on snow. In contrast, NoVa spends $1,623 per mile per year. The article also smartly noted the deep discrepancies in weather on a year-to-year basis in the Washingtion region:

Does “budget accordingly” for the Washington area mean preparing for a season with 3.2 inches of snow (2001-02) or for 40.4 inches (2002-03)? Will it be a December with one-tenth of an inch of snow (2004-05) or one like this month, where a single storm drops more than two feet in some areas around Washington?

*All photos courtesy of Matthew Bradley.