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I was too busy feeding the Real World DC frenzy last Thursday to do the obligatory year-end top ten list. So, here you go:

(1) The Fall of Hammer Communications: How a Georgetown Ad Agency Built on McMansions Ended up in a Pile of Debt If not for the story, click for the comments alone.

(2) What’s the Skinny? Proving once again that you can never be too thin, Arlington’s “Skinny House”—-at 12 feet wide—-receives a lot of attention.

(3) U Got Sales? U Street’s a popular place to live—-not my most ground-breaking, revelatory work…

(4) First-Time Homebuyer Credit Will Be Extended…But How?

(5) Ten Questions for the Dude Behind “Arlington: The Rap” Aw, credit for this one goes to Jule Banville, City Paper‘s former Assistant Managing Editor.

(6) The City Forces Developers to Sell Cheap Condos. But Can You Find Them? There are a few hints in here, if you’re interested.

(7) Hine School Development Plans Unveiled In which I did the whole “reporter thing” and spent hours at a big, evening community meeting on Capitol Hill.

(8) ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover:Home Edition’ Looking for DC Volunteers

(9) Where Should Rahm Emanuel Live?

(10) Nightmare On N Street