St Martins Convent is set to be moved to a new location.

Yesterday, on my way back from Big Chair Coffee ‘n Grill, I stopped by Eckington to check out construction on the St. Martin’s Apartments, which I reported on last year (two years ago! This 2010 thing hasn’t sunk in yet.)

Certain neighbors tried to block the project—-an affordable housing complex with 178 units at my last count—-by claiming the convent on the hill was too historically significant to destroy and that the project plans should be altered (diminishing density and poor people).

Developer Catholic Charities found a compromise: Keep the density and keep the number of tenants (roughly) and keep the convent—-just move it down the hill and incorporate it into the overall building. Here’s what they’ve created (pictures below):

When I reported the story in Dec. 2008, construction crews expected the project to be completed by the end of 2010.

Top photo by Darrow Montgomery. Other photos by Ruth Samuelson.

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