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Back in October, I relayed a spectacularly shocking discovery I made about one of our federally-funded major transportation systems: Amtrak still lacks WiFi service.

Yes, you can pick up an internet signal on a $25 bus ride to NYC. But shell out $70 bucks or more for the train and you’re shit out of luck, unless you have one of those whatchamacallits—-wireless adapters, dongles, “little dongly things.”

But, yesterday Amtrak announced that it would finally be adding wireless capabilities to its Acela Express trains:

Deploy WiFi and Upgrade Interiors on Acela Express

In March, Amtrak will deploy WiFi technology on Acela Express and make it available to every passenger initially free of charge. In late 2010, Amtrak will complete a program to upgrade the interior of all Acela Express trainsets to increase passenger comfort and amenities, including leather seating, improved tray tables, and better outlets to power laptop computers, DVD players and other electronic devices.