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Krystal and RWDC’s Andrew

The Real World hot tub hook-up is time-tested reality TV tradition.

If you’ve seen more than one season, you know the drill: Cast arrives. Cast members start crushing on each other. Cast members, already self-obsessed, become increasingly fixated on their images and nervous about the rejections of fellow cast members. Cast members bring home random people to hook up with so viewers will think they’re “ballers.” Splash, splash. It’s hot tub time—-classic!

Andrew executed this tried and true tactic for ego self-preservation on last week’s episode. Local Krystal Leigh Cunningham was his willing participant. Below the jump, she answers questions about her night in the spotlight—-errrrr infrared night vision—-and the morning after:

So what didn’t they show on the episode?

I first went in the hot tub with a bunch of the guys. They kind of cut all that so it looks like I went straight in with Andrew.They cut the whole getting-to-kn0w-everybody part before to ‘hey, I’m in the hot tub’ all of a sudden.

Being in the hot tub on Real World, did it feel like “I’m stepping into this weird reality show tradition?”

I was a theater major so obviously the cameras didn’t make me nervous. So it was kind of one of those things, it was filmed in July, and then it got down to November, and I was like ‘I wonder how they’re going to edit this.’

I don’t regret going there. I had tons of fun. It was awesome. It was a once in a lifetime experience, but I was nervous about how they would edit it and I would be portrayed. It does kind of suck for people to blog about you and judge you. But I don’t regret anything.

Were you in one of the season promos?

Yeah, there were two promos that had me. One was so quick you couldn’t even see it. And the second one, I was like “We’re going in the hot tub!” So I saw that and I was like “Oh boy—here we go.” But I didn’t think it would be that much time on me. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is it’s really awkward to see yourself kiss.

So did the evening end with you just feeling uncomfortable about the girl cast members sneaking around near the bedroom?

I mean, that was totally edited. When I got out of the hot tub, I was wearing a robe. Andrew and I lay in the bed. We were having a good conversation—just talking. I did kiss him. The camera crew was nearby. I made sure nothing was going to happen—I would never ever do that.

The next morning,  Andrew was nice. He paid for my cab. After, I would just see him out and we were still friends. So the scene where they’re showing me saying “Go to bed hun” that was actually me telling them “Come to your room. Go to bed. Nothing’s going to happen in here.”  Like I’m not hooking up with your roommate—you can come in and go to bed. They edited it to make it look really snappy.

And Andrew said to his roommates the next day that nothing happened…

Yeah, I ended up that day [the day after the episode aired], g-chatting him and saying “thank you for being honest.” That could have totally been portrayed differently.