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Last night, with spotlights swooping across the sky, David von Storch—-owner of businesses Vida Fitness, Bang Salon, Capitol City Brewing Company and the building at 1612 U Street—-debuted the pilot of his reality show at Town Danceboutique near 8th and U Streets NW.

He financed the filming himself and is now marketing it to various TV networks.

“I was looking at my iPhone all night, praying that my agent from L.A. would call with good news, but I can tell you that it is very encouraging that we will be picked up,” von Storch told the packed crowd right before the screening.

You can watch a teaser of the pilot for the show, called “Complicated Order,” here. It centers on von Storch and several key employees of his various businesses and his live-in ex-boyfriend, kinda-sorta-boyfriend? I was a bit unclear on that, since it was hard to hear at times.

Reached yesterday during the day, von Storch said he’d been thinking about doing a reality show focused on the stylists in some of his Bang Salons for roughly three years.

“If you could be a fly in the wall in the break room, it’s just really fun to listen to. Stylists are just a crazy breed,” he said.

But then, von Storch was approached by a northern Virginia-based production company, who pitched a show focusing on him and his businesses. Von Storch ultimately didn’t like the vision, but he started working on his own concept—-one that would be more open about his personal life, which includes being HIV positive.

“Look if I’m going in, I’m going all in,” he says. “All in is the warts, and this unpleasant stuff and the failures and the difficult times as well as things that are fun.”

Von Storch and his team filmed the pilot in the third week of November. They filmed for just seven days and it took more than a month to cut the tape together. Footage  on the official “Complicated Order” website went live on Monday night, and von Storch’s team contacted six networks on Tuesday.

“It’ll take probably a month,” said von Storch on the phone yesterday. “We might know by the end of January. But we should know within a month…whether or not the discussions we’re having with any one of those networks goes forward.”

Picture from Complicated Order website.