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I know. I know. You cannot believe it.

For months, we’ve been hearing about how METRO will be upping its fares while decreasing its service hours. But today, the Washington Examiner is reporting a bit of comforting news: If METRO keeps you waiting for too long, you’ll be able to recoup the fare under some circumstances, if a revised policy goes through.

The new policy will be modeled on a program used by Philadelphia’s transportation authority (according to the Examiner piece):

SEPTA service guarantees that its transit trips will arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, offering a free trip when it doesn’t meet the standard. Kissal said the program was expensive for SEPTA in the beginning but now costs little. SEPTA could not provide any estimates of how many free rides it awarded annually.

There is a current METRO policy in place allowing fares to be waived during extreme delays, but it was applied very rarely last year. You can read more about it in the Examiner story.

Pfrench99, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License