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Maybe, denizens of U Street! Maybe!

The blogosphere saw a miniboomlet two days ago when snack entrepreneur and former Redskin Fred Smoot announced that his Waffle House plans for D.C. had found a location: somewhere off 14th and U. There sure are enough available places (Polly’s old spot comes to mind) and now with the Arts Overlay cap about to be lifted, enough street frontage for everyone.

But hold on there: It’s not a done deal yet. A Waffle House spokeswoman tells Housing Complex that “An associate of Fred’s has been in contact with Waffle House, however at this time there is nothing official.”

On the up side, the 14th and U Farmers Market opens this weekend! A poor substitute for your late-night carbo-needs, but the corner needs some love.

Photo from Flickr user xrahy.