Bush's brain lived here. (Berg Properties)

Karl Rove hasn’t been around Washington much these days. Since resigning his post in the Bush Administration in 2007, he has split his time between the District and Austin, Texas, and now jets around the country promo-ing his brick of a memoir. And for most of the past year, he’s been trying to sell his 5-bedroom house behind Battery-Kemble Park (must have gotten a little more lonely when Dick Cheney moved out of the Naval Observatory). After picking it up for peanuts back in 2001, the Roves did some massive renovations, and put it on the market for $1.585 million last June.

Today, the Wall Street Journal brings news that mega-broker Nancy Taylor Bubes—representing both sides of the deal!—has gotten the place under contract. The identity of the future occupant is still unknown, but we’ll find out sooner or later.