The day the library closed for renovation. (Lydia DePillis)

A few weeks ago, ANC 1C released a study by Nichols Design Associates arguing that plans for the renovation of the Mt. Pleasant Library—which closed for renovation on April 3—didn’t comply with the Americans for Disabilities Act and posed a fire hazard to neighboring buildings. Today, the District of Columbia Public Libraries released its response, by library designer CORE Architects, completely dismissing the ANC’s findings. The report is here, and I’ll paste the summary below:

CORE Architects’ review found that based on the current design, the library complies with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Library expects to receive all necessary permits in the coming weeks.

Key components of CORE Architects response include:

Accessibility ramp complies with ADA — Nichols Design Associates chose to review architectural plans for the accessibility ramp instead of the landscape plans.  The landscape plans, which are used to construct the ramp, comply with ADA.

Library provides equal access to all users –  All library users will enter the Mt. Pleasant Library through the same entrance on the side of the building.  The circulation desk is immediately to the left and the elevator immediately to the right upon entering the library.

Library complies with fire safety code and ADA – The Mt. Pleasant Library has multiple paths of egress.  Thus, an area of rescue is not required per ADA guidelines.  Additionally, the Library will have sprinklers throughout the building.

Library design complies with property line zoning codes – All architectural designs are in accordance with the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations which regulates how property can be used.

Now, if only the interim library can avoid having any more vehicles smash into it, things should proceed smoothly.