(from tedxpotomac.com)

You may have heard of TED, the “small non-profit” that for several years now has been holding conferences devoted to “Ideas That Matter.” If you’ve heard of TED, you’ve probably heard of its multiplicity of offspring, the TEDx conferences springing up all over the world. At the end of April, the first public TEDx event went off at the World Bank. And on May 20, George Washington University will host TEDxPotomac, featuring a couple of real estate-related speakers: Steve Moore of the Washington D.C. Economic Partnership will talk about the future of H Street (certainly a Corridor That Matters) and Neil Takemodo of CoolTown Studios will talk about his hairbrained schemes for crowdsourcing communities.

TEDxPotomac is the brainchild of Patrick Smith, a local entrepreneur who’s had his hands in a swath of webby projects, including The Motley Fool, eStudentLoan.com, PetSmart.com, and Linuxcare.

Now, you can’t actually go to the conference—the 250 tickets available to the public went on sale in two phases on April 8 and 22, and sold out within 22 hours after each release. But you can watch it, streaming live, here. And if you want, go ahead and start your own.