A few blind folks to return. (Photo courtesy of DMPED)

Georgetown Metrocentric has been following the progress of the Hurt Home, a former house for the blind at 30th and R NW that the city has decided to sell to the Argos Group, which will convert the old building into condos. According to GM, the neighbors are not terribly pleased about the plan, mostly for the parking crush that 41 new units (and 36 parking spaces) will create.

A meeting has been scheduled for June 9th at the Renwick Chapel to discuss the latest version of the design. The developer won’t release more details until the city gives the go-ahead, but Argos’ Gilbert Cardenas—who wasn’t aware of the meeting when Housing Complex called a couple days ago to check in—did speak with pride about the several units that will be specially reserved and designed for blind people.

What does that mean, exactly?

Not a whole lot, it turns out. The most important thing is to use varying floor and wall materials, which help blind people “see” the world around them. Walls should be at 90 degree angles, and steps should be avoided as much as possible. And because many blind people can still see a little bit, it’s still important to have bright lighting. And Braille, naturally.

No response from the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Development on a sale price, but considering how much they’re giving properties away for these days, we don’t expect it’ll break Argos’ bank.