By our powers combined... (image from DMPED)

Ward Four Councilwoman Muriel Bowser has announced the four community sessions for hashing out what should go in the 62-acre empty space at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. But they won’t just be free-for alls: The city has hired the D.C.-based AmericaSpeaks to put participants through its trademarked 21st Century Town Meeting methodology, which translates the will of a bunch of people into some concrete, presentable format. It sounds a little mumbo-jumbo-y, but the Williams administration also used it to shape budget priorities in the early 2000s, and New York brought them in for a post-9/11 Ground Zero planning session. In June, they’re holding a “national town hall” sponsored by a handful of large foundations to “find common ground about the choices necessary to address the nation’s growing deficit and national debt.”

Funding for Walter Reed prep work came from a recently-announced $1.4 million federal grant, which will also cover the $800,000 bill for master planning consultant Perkins + Will.

The first session is June 9th. Details and registration here.