A little bit more than nickles and dimes. (Lydia DePillis)

If you’re applying for any sort of permit or license right now, you’re going to wish you hadn’t procrastinated so long: Yesterday a host of new fees went into effect that will make everything from throwing a “lawn fête” to starting a bowling alley a little bit more expensive. You can read through the list of permit fees here, and license fees here.

Among the new surcharges are $158 per day for a carnival or street festival, $102 per table in a billiard hall, $2,392 for a live theater, $91 per ambulance, $2,730 for an ice cream manufacturer but $289 for a grocery store. Plus a 10 percent hike in basic business licenses, certificates of occupancy, and corporate registration to cover technological enhancements for permit processing.

The fees, which Mayor Adrian Fenty imposed by executive order last week, will generate $7.5 million in the last four months of fiscal year 2010 to stop a little bit of the bleeding—but it’s not much in the $220 million scale of things.