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Mary Kate ain't got nothing on the District.

Because there’s a ranking for everything, big-thinky urbanist Richard Florida has come up with a Bohemian Index, and guess what? Washington D.C. comes in a respectable number five, after L.A., New York, Vancouver, and Toronto. The metric—fully explained in a 2002 paper on the “geography of bohemia”—is a factor of the number of artsy professionals in a given location. And there are apparently enough of those in D.C. to place us high high high on the list.

Now, Richard Florida tends to be a little full of B.S., as Alec MacGillis demonstrated satisfyingly in the American Prospect last summer. And it seems rather simplistic to make boho-ness simply a function of the number of painters, writers, musicians, and what-have-you, when most people would also associate “bohemia” with urban attributes like residential density, coffeeshop culture, and a 24-hour way of life.

But here in on the city side of the nation’s capital, we’ll take what we can get.

Photo from flickr user cokate.