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Checking the 'berry. (Lydia DePillis)

The department with the bloggiest constituency has decided to tip its toe in the world of web logging. It even has a super-hip name: d.ish. (In red). And he even has cutely casual abbreviations, in his first entry explaining the Pennsylvania bike lane debacle:

I think it’s okay to admit when we make a mistake, and in our initial design, I think we were a little too utopian on paper, and will benefit from a simpler, safer, more straight forward design.  We repave the street every 4 years btw for the Presidential Inauguration. More robust changes can be made to signals, bollards etc. to design around the bike lanes vs. fitting them into the existing streetscape in 2012.  So we encourage everyone to take a breath, let us make the adjustments, and then come out to the ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening.