A revolutionary new concept! (Vamoosebus.com)

First, there were the Chinatown buses: Fung Wah, New Century, Apex, etc. Then came the ones that didn’t smell like pee (usually): Megabus, DC2NY, and Bolt. This second generation was a huge leap forward in the condition of those Washingtonians who make pilgrimages to New York or Boston on a regular basis.

Vamoose, though, is about to kick it up a notch. On June 24th, the company will debut its “Gold Bus,” an ultra-super-luxury vehicle with service between Bethesda (naturally) and midtown Manhattan. Media are invited to preview the motor coach and interview its “hand-picked” driver and company officials, before a live brass band sends the Gold Bus off on its maiden commercial voyage. The trip will set you back $50 one-way, which is about twice the other bus services, and half what you’ll pay for Amtrak.

“This is a revolutionary new concept,” says Vamoose regional manager Yvonne Brooks-Little, in a promotional video. “I think this is setting a new trend in bus travel…It’s a 21st century bus. This bus is like no other.”

Let us know when it can levitate over traffic, K?