Coming soon to an empty store front near you!

With a new 7-11 coming to 7th and Georgia Avenue NW, a 3,500 square foot store just leased at Florida and 2nd Street NE in NoMa, and one going into the 900 block of H Street NE, one might ask the question: Exactly how many stores is 7-11 planning to open in the District?

The answer, according to a spokeswoman, is 11 (and it’s the seventh month of the year! Crazy!). Two others besides those cited above are under contract and expected to open this year: one at 1200 Brentwood Road NE, and another at 1751 Columbia Road NW. That’s on top of 21 stores 7-11 already has in the District, which will send the chain hurtling past CVS’ 26 current locations (if their store locator is to be believed). And it’s on top of the 14 locations that 7-11 snagged in one fell swoop in Virginia.

Seems pretty clear that 7-11 is capitalizing on the empty retail spaces scattered across the District. And we can all look forward to a more convenient future.