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Still just caffeine. (Darrow Montgomery)

When we last left Bloomingdale’s Big Bear Cafe, owner Stu Davenport was hashing out a voluntary agreement with nearby residents to confine his proposed restaurant’s hours of operation. But the early June deadline for that to happen came and went, according to Davenport, and he hasn’t heard from the group after a few tries at setting up a meeting (though he says a new draft voluntary agreement was dropped off over the weekend). Meanwhile, neighbor Ed Jones tells Housing Complex that ABRA has scheduled a protest hearing for a few weeks from now. “Neighbors are still concerned about the plans for a late-night establishment in our neighborhood,” Jones says.

The Big Bear is keeping busy, though. Davenport says he’s seeking a one-day license to put on a community farmers market dinner in August. “We are doing staff tastings with local brewers, and maybe we will do something of beer tasting for the neighborhood in the coming months,” he says. “We’re thinking this will give us a chance to develop our evening menu and invite people to see what the BBC will be like.”