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No, you're not crazy. (Lydia DePillis)

To those pissed off by Haydee Vanegas‘ guerilla tree removal in front of her Mt. Pleasant restaurant—apparently because it would have gotten in the way of a couple of tables in a planned sidewalk cafe—fume no longer. The tree box has been replaced, according to DDOT, at Haydee’s expense (no word of fines). But the new tree won’t be planted for several months, since new saplings tend to perish in the summer. And since her sidewalk cafe application has been withdrawn, it’s likely that sidewalk will stay barren until then.

In case you missed it, the mystery city official who Haydee claims told her it would be ok to cut the tree down wasn’t Councilmember Jim Graham. As he told City Desk last week: “We want that fixed right away, it’s being fixed right away… the tree box, everything.”