Just because you can’t vote for President doesn’t mean you can’t participate in any national elections. There are two contests going on right now that could bring home some bacon to the District, if enough people pull the lever (or rather, click the right buttons).

First, that benevolent corporation Coca Cola is giving away $100,000 to whichever National or State Park gets the most votes. You’ve got two options, and I’d pick Anacostia Park, which could use some love. But pretty much everybody in the District is going to have to vote a couple of times in order to beat out Bear Head Lake State Park, which is running at over a million. So, um, tell your friends.

Second, the American Farmland Trust is running a contest for your favorite farmer’s market. There’s no cash prize, but the winner will get some schwag and the right to call itself America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market—which really should be called America’s Most Self-Promotional Farmer’s Market, since relentlessly telling your customers to vote can certainly move the dial on this one. The Glover Park-Burleith Market has gotten itself in the running by burning up the listservs and social media, even bringing a computer to the market to help shoppers vote on-site. Any Bloomingdalians out there want to compete for the title?