The “Urban Forestry Administration”: Doesn’t that sound bureaucratic and authoritarian? No longer: In response to Greater Greater Washington’s Geoff Hatchard, who laid out problems with the current system of tree maintenance, District Department of Transportation explains its plans to increase and care for D.C.’s tree canopy over the next several years. To help get people involved, the UFA is getting a new name:

As part of a new effort to break down bureaucratic walls and establish a stronger relationship with the public that better reflects the passion, energy and expertise of our staff, the Urban Forestry Administration will soon operate publicly under the name d.Trees (DDOT Trees).

New technology platforms, a revamped Canopy Keepers tree adoption program, innovative community grant funding and targeted outreach to engage underserved communities are all part of this new d.Trees effort to build a stronger community of residents, businesses and local non-profits that water, plant, and keep an eye on trees.

Who speaks for de trees? D.Trees does!