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Now with open organic grocery store! (Lydia DePillis)

Despite incentives, small businesses complain about taxes and regulations. [Post]

Let’s hope that D.C. delinquent tax payers are just still procrastinating. [WBJ]

Neighborhood wi-fi as soother of neighborhood tensions? [TBD]

Only 15th most stressful? [WBJ]

Why the Shaw library (and other short, single-use buildings in gentrifying areas) are a waste of space. [RPUS]

As usual, the D.C. housing market does the opposite of everywhere else. [Urbanturf]

Jonetta says the Latino market at Unity Park is a “failure.” [Examiner]

Yglesias says it’s just an example of local businesses trying to use government to stifle competition. [Yglesias]

The Business Journal has a peppy new “guest blogger.” [WBJ]

Columbia Heights gets a green. [NewColumbiaHeights]

Yards Park is open! [JDLand]

Good environmental news! The Potomac is clean-ish. [Examiner]

Today on the market: The Grays on Pennsylvania, renting now!