Twitter, Facebook, Solo Cup: Doug Jemal's new look. (Downtown BID)

We haven’t been terribly nice to Douglas Jemal on this blog. He’s built some lovely buildings downtown—the Downtown BID is even giving him an award for them—and could do worse with his choice of tenants. But revelations about the amount of money he owes on his 150 properties around town, many of which are either nice renovations with empty windows or falling-down wrecks, have made a city that already has mixed feelings about Jemal’s legacy increasingly exasperated.

What do you do when your image needs some help? Hire a flack. Douglas Development just brought on 360jmg, a local PR shop that also represents provides printing services for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, to be its public face—complete with Twitter and Facebook. Jemal himself does not yet have a Facebook page, but it’s only a matter of time.