Get ready, D.C. journo-landscape: the new, improved National Journal launches tomorrow. But it’s not just some wonky newswire. No, media impresario David Bradley is swapping paywalls for actual walls, and will engage the customer on the street! From a memo sent around last week, the storefronts at 624 E Street NW is “designed to serve as a lounge, a reading room, an event spot, and a space where visitors can interact with National Journal’s new team and products for the first two weeks of the relaunch.”

The pop-up is only temporary—events end on November 3—while NJ’s “unified newsroom” stays put at the Watergate. But it’s a nice way to imagine what another Doug Jemal building will look like when finally leased. And in the mean time, maybe you can catch up with Marc Ambinder for a game of ping pong.