Since becoming the Rally to Restore Sanity’s official charity three weeks ago, the Trust for the National Mall has raked in $106,986.50 from rally-goers. It’s not a whole lot for an organization with the fundraising firepower to pull down three times that in one night, but a tidy sum nonetheless—especially for not doing anything. The organization didn’t seek Stewart’s endorsement. “Honestly, I think they Googled us,” Trust president Caroline Cunningham said.

One interesting tidbit: According to the Trust’s agreement with the National Park Service, until a final plan for the Mall’s revitalization is actually approved, all money raised can only go towards universal improvements to the Mall, like signage and maintenance. Once a comprehensive plan is adopted, the solicitation of big corporate donations will begin in earnest, to underwrite big-ticket items like new buildings and landscaping. So maybe they’ll need another Stewart rally in a few months.