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So, not that this matters much, but Almost Not Mayor Adrian Fenty has submitted his plan to close the $188 million budget gap. Michael Neibauer has a bunch of the highlights, and here are a few more items on the chopping block from the Housing Complex world that the incoming mayor and Council could choose to keep (or not).

  • $2,374,000 in security and janitorial services for municipal buildings. Heads up SEIU!
  • $500,000 from ABRA reimbursable detail program: Fewer cops on rowdy streetcorners after hours.
  • $300,000 from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, which helps poor families pay for heat in the winter.
  • $689,000 from the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which helps people put solar panels on their houses.
  • $300,000 from tree planting.
  • $808,000 from alley repaving.
  • $1,091,000 from repaving local roads.
  • $300,000 from pedestrian safety enhancements.
  • $4,691,000 from postponing implementation of the Healthy Schools Act.
  • $300,000 from healthy grocery initiatives from the Department of Small and Local Business Development.
  • $1,595,000 from commercial revitalization initiatives, like storefront renovations.
  • $40,000 in postage at Office of Planning (they spend $40,000 on postage?)
  • $38,000 from the Office of Planning’s zoning map maintenance and development project, which makes this reporter saddest of all.