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The departing Ms. Jasper. (DRES)

Little birds are telling Housing Complex this morning that Robin-Eve Jasper, director of the Department of Real Estate Services, has announced that she won’t be sticking with the job in January. That will make her the person to make it official, after D.C. Fire Department chief Dennis Rubin bolted back in October (not counting former schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and attorney general Peter Nickles, whose resignations were foregone conclusions).

Though less contentious than leading the Offices of Planning or Department of Transportation, heading up DRES is a hard job, involving intense public pressure to improve buildings with little funding. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Jasper, a real estate lawyer who was appointed 2008, would want to return to the private or non-profit sector.

But it’s also a prudent move, since nobody’s job is exactly secure at the moment. Even many rank-and-file Fenty administration employees are exploring their options, realizing that Vince Gray may want to bring in his own people. Expect more such announcements in the next month.