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A relic of an earlier time. (Lydia DePillis)

As a real estate reporter, I end up in a lot of buildings. As a girl with a small bladder, I usually use their bathrooms. Many of them are noteworthy, for various reasons—I’ve often found that bathrooms have lovely, soft filtered light, for example—and some of them even tell stories. And so, I’d like to inaugurate a new occasional feature on Housing Complex: Pit Stops, in which I bring you a snapshot of a bathroom with character. Suggestions and submissions are welcome, especially since the obvious failing here is that I’ll have to be biased towards the ladies’ facilities. So guys, if you bring cameras with you to the john, snap photos—no one will think it’s weird, I promise.

To start off, welcome to Maya Angelou Public Charter School at Evans High School, on 56th and East Capitol Street NE. The school feels run down; every wooden surface seems to have some typically teenage message carved into it. The bathroom’s stall doors are missing or unlatchable. But it’s clean, at least last night when I was there for a meeting.

This washbasin appears non-functional, and it’s not necessary, since there are regular sinks. But it’s a curious old piece of furniture nonetheless.