Schmancy. (Lydia DePillis)

Guess it took the highest density of electric cars in the city to finally attract a station to refuel them: Just as Tesla Motors moves in to its new space at 1050 K Street, the glitzy apartment building at 425 Massachusetts Avenue gets the city’s first residential car charging station, with a little press conference on Wednesday. Media are lured with the promise of actually being able to drive a Roadster.

The company providing the station, Car Charging Group Inc., doesn’t charge for installing its stations—all costs are born by fuelling fees paid by drivers. The 425 Massachusetts location will be their sixth in the D.C. area and second in D.C. proper, according to this map; the next closest on the eastern seaboard are Philadelphia and Virginia Beach.

Not sure how much of an attraction it will be to move into the 559-unit apartment building, nine months out of foreclosure, which is now 64 percent leased.