The Walmart public relations operation continues to impress: They’re sponsoring a sneak preview this evening of the new America I Am exhibit at the National Geographic museum, with Mayor Vince Gray scheduled to attend.

Let’s hope Walmart is as willing to heed Martin Luther King Jr.’s words as they are to use him in their promo materials:

We look around every day and we see thousands and millions of people making inadequate wages. Not only do they work in our hospitals, they work in our hotels, they work in our laundries, they work in domestic service, they find themselves underemployed. You see, no labor is really menial unless you’re not getting adequate wages. People are always talking about menial labor. But if you’re getting a good [wage] as I know that through some unions they’ve brought it up…that isn’t menial labor. What makes it menial is the income, the wages.

– March 1968