Obama spares D.C. the worst. [Post]

And doesn’t skimp on transit nationwide. [Streetsblog]

Butmay delay FEMA going into St. E’s East Campus. [WBJ]

And couldn’t save the National Zoo’s kids farm! [WTOP]

Whole Foods may come to Navy Yard, if developer gets a property tax abatement. [Post]

Wondering what the rent was here before… [CarolJoynt]

Feds continue leasing apace. [GlobeSt]

What housing reform means: Buy now, or pay more later. [Smartmoney]

Anonymouse donor drops $1 million on National Arboretum Azaleas. [WTOP]

Glad we straightened out where Panera was going. [TBD]

Today on the market: Prout Street.