OK, not quite. The house that Rep. Dennis Kucinich bought out of foreclosure in 2009—a hulking brick thing off Pennsylvania Avenue SE—is a bit down the road from the D.C. mayor’s manse at 2619 Branch Avenue SE. (This post initially printed the exact address, which is available in public records, but Kucinich’s office has rather strenuously requested that it be removed out of security concerns.)

But they are in the same neighborhood, Hillcrest, which you wouldn’t know from the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s report on the perennial presidential candidate’s purchase (via Curbed). To out-of-town papers—to the befuddlement of local bloggers—pretty much everything east of the river counts as Anacostia.

Of course, the larger and more important point of the story is that Dennis Kucinich scored some property at way below market prices because of subprime lending practices that he regularly decries on the House floor. The question now is, will he move in, and become possibly the first member of Congress to take up residence in Ward 7? Or flip the house, like any good speculator?