The presidential pad.

After Fox 5 News uncovered University of the District of Columbia president Allen Sessoms‘ big ticket plane tickets—generating indignation and calls for further scrutiny—we thought, “Hmmm, wonder what he’s doing with other perks of the job?” One of them is a comfortable four-bedroom at 3520 Rittenhouse St. NW, which the university spent a couple hundred grand fixing up in 2003, saying that it needed to look respectable if the president was to use it for wining and dining potential donors.

Turns out he doesn’t do too much of that, though—at least according to his official schedule for the residence over the last three years, which Housing Complex obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The calendar shows 13 events held at the house since November 2008, mostly open houses and receptions for holidays and commencements. Sessoms dined once with then-Council chairman Vince Gray, once with human resources vice president Mark Farley, another time with real estate mogul and large donor Allan Novak, and twice with UDC Foundation Inc. president Joe Perta (who’s responsible for the university’s fundraising efforts). All pretty much on the up and up.

Of course, that’s not necessarily the extent of it—UDC spokesman Alan Etter says there’s no way for the public to track who else he meets with at the residence. “Dr. Sessoms has many informal events for which he provides dinner while entertaining a city council member—or a potential donor,” Etter says. “Those really aren’t documented.”

Sounds like a really boring stakeout.