Slaving away at City Paper pays off this time of year, when you’re able to select a handful of your favorite parts of D.C. and unilaterally declare them the Best of some totally made-up category. Here’s where you can find picks that fall in the Housing Complex world, most by me, some by others:

Love that cycletrack. (Darrow Montgomery)

Best Bike Lane: The 15th Street Cycletrack

Best New Public Space: Yards Park

Best Neighborhood Achievement: Crispus Attucks Park

Best Wheatpaste: This One

Best Sign Georgia Avenue Retail is Hurting: The Joyous Reception to CVS’ Opening

Best Museum That Doesn’t Exist Yet: National Museum of the American People

Best Pedestrian Safety Improvement: Leading Pedestrian Intervals

Best Suburban Fake Downtown: Bethesda

Best Way to Pretend You Don’t Live in the U.S.: Capital Bikeshare

Best Circle That Should be a Rectangle: Scott Circle

Best Side Effect to Road Construction: Beach Drive as Bike Highway

Disagree? Tough shit. Start your own newspaper.