In response to a post about zoning subcommittee chair Alma Gates‘ disdain for Greater Greater Washington’s redistricting game, Committee of 100 chairman George Clark sent over this statement:

Since when can’t someone write a comment without it being attributed to an organization that isn’t even mentioned? And why so many attacks on the obvious—does someone really think redistricting won’t be a contentious process? Redistricting is hardscrabble politics akin to mud wrestling.

But right now we’re talking about mud-slinging. Lydia DePillis’ blog post, “The Committee of 100’s PR Problem” slammed the Committee of 100 unfairly for something we didn’t even say. Civic engagement is a hallmark of the organization. We embrace discussion and encourage public participation in the important issues affecting the City.These include things like organizing the city-wide coalition to defeat billboards last year and issuing the definitive report on streetcars this year.

And for the record, we also like to have fun.

Clark provided no examples of said fun, but he has promised to take Housing Complex on a walking tour of Forest Hills, so we’ll let him go this time.