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Cardozo High School in Columbia Heights is due for a renovation, and designers aren’t thinking in half-measures: Initial architectural plans propose building two new gyms (a “natatorium” and a basketball court) on what are now grassy terraces flanking the historic building.

Eric Fidler reports that the large new gyms are necessary because the school was built with two separate, smaller facilities for girls and boys. The basketball gym would be nestled into the west hillside so as to avoid obstructing views from Clifton Street, with a parking lot on top. The swimming pool is harder to get a sense of, massing-wise, but would expand the school’s footprint nearly to 11th Street.

It’s hard to believe that the budget will be found for both of them, but it’s possible. To learn more, go to the ANC 1B meeting on Thursday at the Reeves Center.

View looking east from over 13th Street.