Just when you thought self-described thought leader Richard Florida was ubiquitous enough, The Atlantic—which already thinks he’s a celebrity—has decided to give him his very own “channel,” as they call them in David Bradley-land. And he’s hiring! Here’s the editor’s job description:

Atlantic Media is looking for an editor to lead a new web site devoted to covering a range of topics on the broad theme of global cities. Areas include: transportation, urban affairs, neighborhoods, innovation, and trends in housing, economic competitiveness, and demography. The site will be built around the vision and work of Richard Florida, Atlantic senior editor, renowned economist/demographer, and author of The Rise of the Creative Class and The Great Reset. Working with Rich, the editor will oversee a small team of bloggers and multimedia producers with the goal of creating a premier web destination that attracts experts in the space as well as curious generalist readers.

Emphasis added.

As I’ve grumbled before in this space, it’s not that Florida’s wrong about the direction cities ought to be taking—it’s just that his ways of explaining it, with bullshit rankings and blithe injunctions to attract entrepreneurial creatives to dying cities, ultimately aren’t that helpful. A whole site built around Florida-ness could aggregate interesting things going on in cities around the world, and would hopefully support real journalists doing good work in places that need study. Or it could just be insufferable. I’m betting on an unfortunate mix of both.