The Committee of 100 is out with its 2011 Vision Awards. For projects, the crusty planning advocacy group honored Arena Stage, the Civil War Defenses of Washington Trail, the Deanwood Community Center & Library, and the All Hallows Guild of Washington National Cathedral. For its individual lifetime achievement awards, the Committee chose National Coalition to Save Our Mall founder Judy Scott Feldman and C100 transportation committee chair Meg Maguire, who has fought visual impositions like billboards and overhead streetcar wires, as well as led the reconstruction of the First Congregational Church as a mixed-use building downtown.

Relatedly, last week the Coalition for Smarter Growth—-which you might consider to be a next-generation C100, with slightly different priorities—-presented its 2011 Livable Communities Leadership Award to David Bowers of Enterprise Community Partners for his work preserving and building new affordable housing.

Just, you know, for comparison’s sake.