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The planned new dorms, lit up at night.

As if Georgetown and American University weren’t enough, Howard University will also be filing a 10-year campus plan with the Zoning Commission soon. A draft has already found its way onto the internet, and it’s worth a read if you want to know pretty much everything there is to know about Howard real estate. The bit that jumped out at me, though, was about boys: Specifically, the male students who can be so annoying to surrounding communities.

“Male undergraduates will be moved from halls located at and beyond the edge of campus into a secure nurturing environment designed to enhance their personal development and support their academic progress,” the plan reads. There is no further explanation, and Howard hasn’t yet returned a request for clarification. Not as drastic as Catholic University’s plans to re-segregate the dorms by sex, but seemingly an effort to keep boys out of trouble.

Overall, the plan aims to increase the number of beds for students by 1,100, which would be a significant improvement over the 44 percent of undergraduates who currently live in campus housing. The plan also includes a significant amount of new faculty housing, which is important in Howard’s bid to attract new staff at a time when the majority of their professors are nearing retirement age.


* CLARIFICATION, Friday, June 24: Howard’s press person says that despite the draft’s language, the move to bring students closer to campus includes female undergraduates as well.