Great things were once in store for the empty corner lot at 22nd and M Street NW: A high-end, eco-friendly 1Hotel, which would have set the standard in D.C. for modern luxury accommodations. Development partners Perseus Realty and Starwood Hotels admitted last fall that probably wasn’t going to work out. A few weeks ago, they came back before ANC 2A with a new proposal: A Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton’s third outpost in the District, which some West End residents worried would bring in the “fanny pack crowd.”

They shouldn’t worry too much. The building will be designed by the same guy from Shalom Baranes‘ shop who did the West End 25 residences, which aren’t a blight on the neighborhood. But yes, it’s a little disappointing for those who wanted something special on that corner.

At least it’s not another Marriott.