Following the news that the clunky blue trams had been operating under illegally noncompetitive contracts for the past few years,  Politico runs this nugget from ace environment reporter Darren Samuelsohn‘s recent interview with National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis in today’s Morning Energy:

Jarvis also says the decades-long connection between his agency and the Tourmobile — those familiar blue trams that look like they came straight from Universal Studios Hollywood in 1978 — is about to come to an end. “I think that period of history is just about over,” Jarvis told Samuelsohn. “A lot of other alternatives are available. Clearly the public needs transportation. But Tourmobile was pretty much the only game in town for a long time and now there’s a lot of different kinds of other circulations. … There’s got to be a lot of other options.”

You are correct, sir.