Looks like an icon to me. (Lydia DePillis)

Developer Edens & Avant is throwing a massive ice cream social at Florida Avenue and 6th Street NE on Saturday, but as Richard Layman notes, the more interesting thing is what they’re calling the area: Rather than Capital City Market or Florida Avenue Market, as it’s been colloquially known for years, the poster says “Union Market.”

Checking in with the company, it looks like the name is there to stay. “Going forward, we wanted to build on the culinary heritage associated with the original Union Market, while also modernizing it as the area reestablishes itself as a new foodie destination,” an Edens & Avant spokesperson tells me.

Going with the historical name (read all about the history here) seems like a smart move—-akin to the branding of San Francisco’s Ferry Building, Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, and Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Of course, the name is the smallest part of the redevelopment’s success. I’ll be curious to see what kind of business plan they put together, considering how much the wholesaling industry has changed since the market’s heyday.